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Photo credit: Morgen Benoit, May 2001.

Tom Negrino is a book author and contributing editor for Macworld magazine. He is an occasional consultant, and has also written for MacAddict and other magazines. His current books are Microsoft Office v. X Inside Out (Microsoft Press, 2002) and Microsoft Office v. X for Macs for Dummies (Hungry Minds, 2002). Tom is a member of the Web Standards Project Steering Committee. He invites you to visit his personal Web site.

Dori Smith is author of Java 2 for the World Wide Web: Visual Quickstart Guide from Peachpit Press and numerous print and online magazine articles. She is a frequent speaker at industry conferences, and is Publisher and ListMom for the Wise-Women's Web Community. Dori is also a member of the Web Standards Project Steering Committee. You can find out more about her at her personal site.

We invite you to visit our weblog, Backup Brain. It's our near-daily take on technology, politics, and popular culture. We've got opinions, and we're not afraid to share them.

About the Book

JavaScript for the World Wide Web: Visual Quickstart Guide was the first book that we wrote together, and it was a big success for us and Peachpit Press. The new and improved 4th Edition adds more than 100 pages, and incorporates many suggestions from readers of the previous editions. We've tried to take a "news you can use" approach to this project, with the idea that most people who are interested in JavaScript aren't very interested in object hierarchies and function definitions. We kept hearing from our friends that they just wanted to get up and going quickly with specific tasks. So we wrote a book with that in mind. If you happen to get any other JavaScript books, you'll probably notice that our scripts are generally leaner than the ones in those books. That's because Dori has been programming for a long time, and she knows how to pare code down to the bone (a seemingly lost art, alas).