Learn More about JavaScript and Ajax

Looking for some resources to learn more about JavaScript and Ajax? Here you go:


The original JavaScript documentation is found at Netscape's Web site (since mostly moved to mozilla.org), but there's a lot of good information at sites from Microsoft and independent JavaScript pages. Here are some of the best JavaScript Web sites that we've found.


JavaScript Center

Venkman Debugger

Firebug Debugger


Microsoft's JScript Language


Yahoo! UI Library

Yahoo! JavaScript Developer Center

Yahoo! Design Pattern Library




Continuing Intermittent Incoherency

Microsoft's JScript Blog

Yahoo! User Interface Blog

Surfin' Safari


JavaScript Mailing List

SitePoint JavaScript Forum

WebDeveloper.com JavaScript Forum


Although we as authors naturally like to think that our book is all you'll ever need to become a JavaScript expert, we recognize that you might want a bit more information after you've eagerly devoured ours. There are approximately a zillion JavaScript books on the market; here are some of the books that we recommend:

JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, 5th edition by David Flanagan

ppk on JavaScript by Peter-Paul Koch

Bulletproof Ajax by Jeremy Keith

Pro JavaScript Techniques by John Resig