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The list below is errata from the first printing of the 5th Edition. Subsequent printings should fix many of the errors, if not all of them.

Page Description
21 In the sidebar "There's No One Right Way," truePar should read truePart.
132 In Figure 7.1, the figure callout "Menu bar" should be "menubar." The figure callout "Scrollbar" should be "scrollbars." All of the elements should be lower case.
141 The first tip ends with "Script 7.11 shows how to place a window in a specific location on the screen." It should actually say, "Script 7.13 shows how to place a window in a specific location on the screen."
147 In step 4, the second to last sentence should end: "you still have to add a <br /> to insert a line break on the page itself."
216 The second script tag on the HTML page should have type set to "text/javascript", not "text javascript".
249 Under the description for the onchange event, the first line should start off "As shown in Script 8.4...".
368-369 The line expireDate.setYear(expireDate.getYear()+1) needs to be changed to expireDate.setYear(expireDate.getFullYear()+1) to work around a bug in Mozilla-based browsers. Without that, those browsers will neither try to write a cookie nor report a JavaScript error.
449 Footnote 4 should read "The layer (and layers[]) object and its properties only existed in Netscape 4.x, and were not included in later versions."
498 There is no writeIn command—it's actually writeLn.


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