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We update this page periodically, so put it on your bookmark list, and check back every once in awhile to find the latest in JavaScript information.

JavaScript Sites

The mother lode of JavaScript help is found at Netscape's Web site, but there's a lot of good information at sites from Microsoft and independent JavaScript pages. Here are some of the best JavaScript Web sites that we've found.

Netscape Core JavaScript Guide 1.5

Netscape Core JavaScript Reference 1.5

Using Web Standards in Your Web Pages

Microsoft's JScript Web Page

EarthWeb's JavaScript Site



Doc JavaScript

Peter-Paul Koch's JavaScript Site

JavaScript Kit

Dynamic Drive

JavaScript Source


The main Usenet newsgroup for JavaScript is comp.lang.javascript, where there are many discussions about scripting, people asking questions about problems that have them stymied, and general talk among JavaScript developers. It's a good place to get answers and pick up tips. But read the newsgroup's FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) file before you start posting!

Other Books

There are a zillion JavaScript books out on the market. Some are terrific, and there's a lot that aren't so great. Naturally, we think that ours is one of the better ones for beginners, but we realize that when you get deeper into scripting, you'll want a good JavaScript reference book. Here's a list of some other JavaScript books we really like and recommend, with links that let you buy them directly from Amazon.com.

JavaScript: The Definitive Guide
by David Flanagan

An exhaustive reference to the JavaScript language. Not for the faint of heart, this is where the experts turn to look up those weird operators and nail down that odd syntax. Like most of the programming language books published by O'Reilly and Associates, it is essential for the serious coder.

Dynamic HTML: the Definitive Reference
by Danny Goodman

The second edition of Danny Goodman's exhausive reference (almost 1,500 pages) tells you virtually everything you might want to know about HTML tags, Cascading Style Sheets style attributes, and JavaScript objects. It goes into considerable and useful detail on the code gymnastics needed to make your scripts work across browsers.

JavaScript Bible
by Danny Goodman

Another clear, thick, well-written book from Danny Goodman, this Wiley entry explains JavaScript in great detail, but in a friendlier fashion than the Flanagan book.

JavaScript & DHTML Cookbook
by Danny Goodman

Yet another recommendation for a book by Danny Goodman, the hardest working guy in the JavaScript business. This o"Reilly book has an excellent compendium of real-world problems and solutions. We know this book is worth your time, because Dori was one of the book's technical reviewers.


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